Surface Water Drainage

At Polypipe we offer the UK's most extensive range of surface water drainage solutions suitable for highways, rail, airport, ports, harbours, commercial and public sector projects.

Our Ridgidrain and Ridgistorm-XL thermoplastic structured walled piping systems, which range from 100 - 3000mm in diameter, have a design life in excess of 60 and 100 years respectively. They are complemented by a complete range of gullies, land drainage solutions, filter drains, flow control devices and access and inspection chambers.


In addition our surface water treatment solutions separate everything from silt and debris through to heavy metal pollutants improving the quality of water entering the watercourse.


Our solutions can accommodate any surface area and scale of construction. They meet all relevant regulations, standards and legislation, and come with WRc, BBA and PADS approval where possible.


Leading engineering and manufacturing expertise is backed by outstanding technical support.

  • Highway Drainage

    We offer a comprehensive range of BBA HAPAS approved surface water drainage systems, conforming to Highways England standards and specifications to meet the needs of highway projects.

  • Rail Drainage

    We offer an extensive range of trackside and station solutions to facilitate surface water drainage, and our products are integral to a number of major rail infrastructure projects throughout

  • Land Drainage

    Excess water can lead to multiple problems for land owners and users, particularly in the agriculture, sports and leisure sectors, restricting land access, reducing crop yields, causing soil e

  • Commercial and Public Drainage

    Our Ridgidrain and Ridgistorm-XL thermoplastic, structured walled, surface water drainage pipes, from 100-3000mm in diameter, have inherent advantages over legacy materials such as concrete an

  • Port and Harbour Drainage

    With their large loadings and big impermeable expanses, ports and harbours pose very specialised water management and drainage challenges.