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  • Polypipe origins

    Since our founding back in 1980, there’s been a passion within us to support the industry at every stage of its growth,develop its future and to face the challenges together.

    That’s why we invest heavily in innovation and manufacturing techniques. It enables us to establish more inventive solutions, better manufacturing facilities and more sustainable products and systems – before you ever knew you needed them.

    That’s clever. That’s Polypipe.

  • Below-ground

    In an ever-changing residential market, Polypipe Building Products has expanded and developed its product portfolio to meet the challenges the residential industry has faced over the last four decades. Today, our portfolio includes the UK’s largest and most comprehensive range of pipes, fittings and chambers.

  • PolyPlumb

    PolyPlumb push-fit fittings have been the go-to plumbing fitting for professionals for years; with a simple design that enhances the installation experience. Available in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm sizes, it’s earned its reputation as the original tried and trusted, grey plumbing fitting of choice.

  • PolyFit

    Ease. Speed. Aesthetics and Security. PolyFit entered the market alongside our white polybutylene pipe, providing installers with a complementary one-step jointing fitting that not only enables a faster installation, but also allows for simple demounting by hand.

    Today, PolyFit leads the market in speed-to-fit.

  • PolySure

    For applications where security and joint integrity are paramount, such as buildings with high levels of public access traffic, we developed the complete range of PolySure fittings designed to fit fast and hold fast.

  • PolyMax

    Introduced after extensive research, to meet consumer and installer demand, the PolyMax fittings’ slim, sleek and attractive design made it the perfect choice for surface mounted installations. PolyMax. Installers love it for its extremely secure ‘push-fit’, leak-proof design, and easy demounting with our unique release tool.

  • Above-ground Elegance

    Launched in early 2017, the Elegance Colour range of gutters and downpipes brought a new level of personalisation to customers’ homes. Complementing our below-ground offering, we provided Contractors with a full-product solution for new-build developments.

  • PolySoilTM

    Developed to offer excellent durability and outstanding performance, the PolySoilTM range is the most advanced ring seal soil system in the UK residential market.

    Providing installers and end users with the ultimate in peace of mind, PolySoilTM fittings are constructed a single-piece moulded unit, and feature our unique integrated ring lock seal, which won’t distort, slip, or drop through the fitting or soil stack.

    What’s more, every product in the range is Kitemarked, for added reassurance.

  • Multi-layer Waste Pipe

    While they may be seemingly straightforward, even our Multi-layer waste pipes have been reviewed, reconsidered and redesigned.

    Incorporating Biocote® antimicrobial technology, they’re more resistant to blockages and odour caused by the build up of biofilm, and now feature a recycled core.

    This allows installers to effectively reduce their carbon footprint while continuing to use products from a brand they trust – proving that not even waste systems need to be wasteful.

  • Traps

    Known for their superior flexibility and ease of installation, Polypipe Traps were made better than ever, thanks to over £1m of investment in just 18 months.

    The result? Our Traps range became the first on the market to be KitemarkTM Accredited, with each product featuring Fit-Rite technology for simple fitting and removability, an improved finned seal and BioCote® antimicrobial technology to combat odours.

  • Residential sewer systems that set the standard

    As the residential market grew and water management became more important than ever, we continued to innovate to stay ahead of the curve, whilst ensuring that every product we offered complied with the latest standards.

    That’s why we launched a new range of inspection chambers which are not only manufactured to BS EN 13598 but that meet the new guidelines set out in Sewers for Adoption 8 (SfA8) as part of Ofwat’s Code on Adoption and Sewers for Scotland.

  • Polypipe Underfloor Heating

    ‘Back in the day’, underfloor heating was considered an unaffordable luxury by most homeowners. But with our continued investment into new, sustainable and affordable heating solutions, we introduced two revolutionary systems.

    Created for solid/screed floor applications, the Red Floor Panel system is lightweight, easy to cut to size and simple to lay – providing a guide for laying the ultraflexible pipe in the correct spacings.

    And, to bring the controllable comfort of underfloor heating to renovation and refurbishment projects, we also launched Overlay™; our revolutionary system is not only affordable, but enables underfloor heating to be installed almost anywhere in the home without the need for excavation.

Pplypipe Enhance

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No need to imagine… it’s what we do.

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