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Developed to include the latest innovations, the PolySoil range is the most advanced ring seal soil system in the UK residential market, offering excellent durability and outstanding performance.

Constructed as a single-piece moulded unit with an integrated Ring Lock Seal, PolySoil pipe fittings have been engineered for quick, simple fit and forget installation – with no risk of distortion, slippage or drop-through.

The new PolySoil range, providing the solutions you need, with built-in peace of mind.

The enhancements that make the difference


Single-piece moulded

Featuring a sleek, uncomplicated design, our new Kitemark™ accredited, one-piece moulded PolySoil fittings have no moving parts, for additional durability.


Integrated Ring Lock Seal

Our new fixed ring lock seal won’t distort, slip or drop through the fitting or soil stack – allowing for quick and easy installation, with fit-and-forget confidence.


Product Labelling

Labelled with key product information and unique QR codes, allowing access to enhanced details.



Kitemarked, offering added safety assurance.

Discover the sleek design and single-moulded technology of our new PolySoil products:

PolySoil has been engineered for ease of installation, durability and excellent performance. See how simple it is to assemble your system:

Learn more about our full range of soil and waste systems, and the technology behind them. Download the brochure below:

Polysoil brochure

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