Terrain Fabrication Service for off-site project solutions

If you want a unique range of industry-leading above ground drainage solutions and you need them custom fabricated and pre-tested in factory conditions you need to talk to us. If you need them not only to meet the individual needs of your project, but to reduce everything from on-site installation times to leftover waste and overall costs, then you can't trust anybody to give you all that. You need to trust Terrain.

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Terrain Fabrication Service

Our many years of experience manufacturing above ground drainage products means we can furnish a complete range of proven systems that continue to evolve in response to new technology and the changing needs of the market.

Above Ground Drainage

Heating and Ventilation

With regulations demanding increasingly energy efficient and sustainable buildings, more and more specifiers are turning to Polypipe Terrain heating and ventilation solutions for their low energy performance and space saving benefits.

Heating and Ventilation

Polypipe Terrain below ground drainage products represent the benchmark for quality, supported with outstanding service levels. Using the latest plastics manufacturing technology to satisfy the requirements of today’s installers, the Polypipe Terrain underground range offers both rigid and foam core pipe and a comprehensive range of fittings to suit all applications.

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Terrain Below Ground Drainage

Below Ground Drainage

Effast from Polypipe is recognised throughout both the industrial process market and construction industries for its range of thermoplastic pipework systems suitable for use within industrial and building services applications. Effast’s comprehensive product portfolio offers a proven and effective solution to virtually any requirement and can satisfy the specific needs of the market.

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Pressure Systems

Rainwater Management

Polypipe’s Rainwater management solutions provide a full suite of products and systems, from traditional gutter and downpipe sets to advanced siphonic drainage, suitable for all climates

Rainwater management
Terrain Fabrication Service Above Ground Drainage Heating and Ventilation Below Ground Drainage Pressure Systems Rainwater management

Polypipe Terrain offers a combination of above ground drainage, hot & cold water, heating, ventilation and water management solutions.

This single source solution from Polypipe Terrain is a comprehensive range of products and systems, primarily for commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels, leisure centres, sports stadiums, retail complexes, public buildings plus offices and apartments - where quality, range and system integrity are of key importance to designers and installers.

Featured Case Study

Providence Tower and Bar Building

Featured Product

Terrain P.A.P.A. and Pleura
  • Terrain P.A.P.A. and Pleura

    Our Terrain Pleura Vent System eliminates the need for a traditional piped secondary vent system, meaning that there’s no need for vent penetrations in the slab and drastically...

MP Tracey Crouch visits Polypipe to welcome new apprentices to the team

Polypipe apprentices
  • Polypipe apprentices

    Polypipe, the UK’s leading plastic piping system manufacturer, has welcomed incumbent Chatham and Aylesford MP and parliamentary candidate Tracey Crouch for a visit to celebrate the appointment of four new apprentices.

Polypipe On-line Training Academy

Interactive web based training
  • Interactive web based training

    On our extensive range of ventilation, plastic plumbing, underfloor heating and above & below ground drainage systems.

Technical bulletin

Terrain flow control outlet
  • Terrain flow control outlet

    Managing rainwater run-off is integral to the philosophy of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). By intercepting rainwater...

Live Stack Replacement

Speed up refurb with fabrication
  • Speed up refurb with fabrication

    Residents were able to remain in their homes throughout Birmingham City Council’s large scale ‘Live Stack Replacement’ works thanks to a time-saving solution from Polypipe.

Terrain Fabrication Service

Terrain Fabrication Service
  • Terrain Fabrication Service

    If you want a uniqure range of industry-leading above ground drainage solutions and you need them custom-fabricated and rigorously tested in factory conditions you need to talk to us.

Training and Support

More About Training
  • More About Training

    The correct installation of any system is critical to ensure optimum performance. Terrain are proud of the training and support we are able to deliver from a comprehensive suite of Technical literature and installation training videos through to our Aylesford based Centre of Excellence we are able to deliver exceptional training and support. Recently Polypipe also launched it’s own online Training Academy where you can access a number of modules where ever you are.