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Domus and Silavent New Build Ventilation Solutions

As part of our range of Domus ducting and Silavent mechanical extract appliances, we offer a variety of high quality, easy to install and simple to design solutions – perfect for new build applications.


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  • Silavent Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

    • Improves indoor air quality through continuous balanced ventilation
    • Helps lower Dwelling Emission Rates (DER) for additional SAP points
    • Offers very low Specific Fan Powers and high heat exchange efficiencies to reduce household energy consumption
  • Silavent Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)

    • Helps provide healthy and clean indoor air
    • Reduces Dwelling Emission Rates (DER) for additional SAP points
    • Exceptionally compact (125mm deep) and lightweight (3.25kg), ideal for small ceiling void depths
  • Silavent Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

    • Stylish modern design to suit internal décor
    • Very quiet performance levels so as not to disturb occupants
    • Use 70% less power on standby than other low energy fans
  • Domus Rigid Duct Systems

    • Available in 8 different profiles to suit any application
    • Offer high levels of air tightness and system efficiency
    • Supported by patented duct insulation, fire stopping and sound attenuation components
    • NEW to the range are our High Efficiency Duct Bends for lower duct resistance and Flow Control Plenums, enabling single fix commissioning!
  • Domus Radial Semi-Rigid Duct Systems with MVHR or MEV

    • Up to 60% quicker and easier to install, for lower project costs
    • Simplified design layout makes the system ideal for new projects
    • Eliminates room-to-room cross talk for a quieter home
    • Available as pre-selected house packs for straightforward selection


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