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Many of our products are suitable for commercial and public building projects including solutions for private surface water drainage, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and cable protection systems, which have inherent advantages over legacy materials such as concrete and clay to deliver the most cost effective solution.


Proven to Perform
Our products are BBA and WRc approved for assured performance.


30% Speedier Installation and Greater Reliability
The speed of installation is pertinent for all projects with tight deadlines and budgets, and it is just one of the advantages of working with lighter weight Polypipe systems. Products such as Ridgidrain and Ridgistorm-XL piping systems arrive on site in 6m lengths, making for fewer joints and therefore less risk of leaks. Furthermore, integral sockets speed up pipe alignment and seal jointing, while pre-fabricated chambers and manholes are delivered to site as a one-piece solution ready–to-install, adding even more speed to the installation.


Managing Massive Quantities of Water from Big Roofs and Car Parks
Most commercial and public buildings feature large expanses of roof and/or spaces such as car parks. Surface water drainage and water management systems therefore need to be able to cope with the vast amounts of water collected to ensure it can be discharged at a controlled rate. Source control in such situations can be provided by installing a Permavoid podium system at roof level, or Permavoid sub-base replacement systems below ground, as the start of an integrated and tailored 'Roof to River' source control system.


Can't Go Deep? Choose Permavoid
Most projects often entail construction challenges such as a high water table and contaminated land. This is where the ability of the Permavoid geocellular sub-base replacement system comes in as it is installed just below the surface and can often work in conjunction with our Polystorm and Ridgistorm-XL deeper attenuation or infiltration systems, to provide a fully integrated water management solution.


Enhancing Sustainability with Rainwater Re-use
Installing our Rainstream RXL Rainwater Harvesting System can help to enhance any project's green credentials, as well as decrease water bills.


Cable Protection for Power and Lighting too
Our extensive product range can save costs and enhance on-site efficiency by sourcing all the project's water management and cable protection requirements collectively. We have the largest range of cable protection systems for lighting and power applications, including single wall and twinwall solutions, which can be supplied as straight lengths or coils. We also provide above ground solutions such as Cable Guards and Hockey Sticks.


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An 8 Step Guide to a Total Polystorm system

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Ridgidrain Datasheet

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Permavoid Technical Bulletin Issue 1 - Shallower Installations

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