Source Control

Source control techniques manage increased surface water discharge from developed sites, as close to the source as possible, minimising the volume of surface water discharge from a site. The capture and retention of the first 5mm of a rainfall event is key to preventing any surface water run-off occurring. Source control offers the benefits of reduced flood risk and improved water quality.


Structural Integrity
Our Permavoid geocellular system has been specifically designed to form a structural raft of exceptional compressive and tensile strength, which can be used for source control at roof, podium or sub-base level. Minimising the need for excavation, it is ideal for problematic sites such as those with a high water table or contaminated land.

Same Footprint, Greater Capacity
Pervious pavements ensure that stormwater permeates the ground through an aggregate layer. Our Permavoid shallow geocellular storage units utilised beneath pervious pavements, collect the stormwater and can increase ground storage capacity threefold - within the same footprint.


Treating the Water at Source
A range of surface water treatment techniques can be incorporated at source to act as filters, removing many pollutants through collection and biodegradation before returning cleansed water to the natural environment. All of these pollutants can have a negative environmental impact on natural watercourses and coastal waters. Our Permavoid system incorporates treatment solutions such as Permachannel, a linear treatment system, Permavoid Biomat, a treatment modular cell, Permaceptor, a silt and oil separator and Permafilter, a treatment geotextile.

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