Rainwater Interception System Applications & Benefits

The Permavoid system provides a flexible modular geocellular water management solution for a wide range of source control applications. These include:


Podium and roof areas


The Permavoid System provides an effective water storage and flow control solution for impermeable and permeable surfaces such as podiums and roofs, including car parks.


Treatment and passive irrigation


The Permavoid solution also provides treatment at source and can be used as a passive capillary irrigation system, re-using captured rainwater at source. This makes it ideal for creating sub-catchments within the building perimeter and enhancing the effectiveness of:


  • Green and brown roofs
  • Soft landscape areas
  • Amenity and leisure
  • Bioretention systems


Multifunction and urban landscapes


SUDS are an integral function of Water Sensitive Urban Designs (WSUD). Permavoid offers an efficient storage and treatment system to help achieve improved stormwater management, particularly when incorporated into urban applications.


Sub-base replacement


Due to its high compressive strength and bending resistance within joints, Permavoid cells create a horizontal consistent structural raft providing a stable structure. This means it can act as both a sub-basement replacement system and drainage component, giving maximum attenuation and storage.




The sustainability benefits of using our rainwater interception system offer innovative, cost-effective

solutions that minimise the environmental impact on buildings. When measured against BREEAM it offers potential solutions for sections:


  • WAT 04 water efficient equipment
  • POL 03 surface water run-off




Designed and tested for storage and attenuation on:


  • Podium Decks
  • Roofs
  • Basements
  • Urban streetscapes
  • Provides effective source control
  • Provides passive irrigation for soft landscaping areas
  • Allows sub-catchment areas to be created within the urban environment
  • Provides treatment to remove silt and hydrocarbon deposits at source
  • Can be used in combination with site wide SUDS scheme




  • Interlocking raft for rigidity and a high compressive and tensile strength under load
  • Suitable for use beneath porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Extensive range of components to facilitate solutions for many applications

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