Pioneering sustainability

Plastic pipes typically weigh 94% less than their concrete equivalent. As well as requiring less time, labour and heavy plant on-site, our products can be transported more easily and efficiently.

Just three deliveries are needed to deliver 1km of 450mm Polypipe plastic drainage pipes, for example, when the equivalent requirement in concrete pipes would take twelve. This saves fuel and helps to lower the project's carbon footprint, plus fewer vehicle movements also minimise Health and Safety risks.


Stronger to last longer
Plastic pipes and fittings are tough, durable and resistant to corrosion. Below ground products can also withstand ground settlement and can be manufactured to different stiffness classifications. As a result, our products provide reliable performance and long life expectancy, helping to lower the whole-life cost of a project and are able to replace legacy materials.


Promoting recycling
We produce pipes and fittings using recycled materials where appropriate, and all products are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. Following a major investment programme and the commissioning of a polymer reprocessing plant at Horncastle, we are now one of the UK’s largest processors of post-consumer waste. The plant has increased our ability to make use of reprocessed materials, recycling pre-sorted bales of household plastic polyethylene waste to produce high quality materials for our products.

  • Our sustainable solutions

    Polypipe provides plastic piping systems that enable the effective installation and performance of sustainable building technology, meeting the twin global challenges of carbon reduction and water management.