Underfloor Heating Manifolds

Polypipe offers a broad range of manifold and water temperature controls for both traditional and underfloor heating applications, now including the new Stainless Steel Manifold with Secure Fix Bracket. All the pipes in our system are connected to the Polypipe manifold, making it possible to precisely control the flow of water through the system for even and energy efficient heating.

Manifolds are used in all underfloor heating systems above 30m2, irrespective of floor type. Manifolds are supplied complete and fixed with a wall mounting bracket. The manifold comes complete with a drain and air vent assembly, which can be positioned on either end of the manifold, and isolation valves are supplied separately for the supply end of the manifold.


We offer a range of 15mm push-fit manifolds for use with 12mm and 15mm pipe systems and compression manifolds for use with our 16mm and 18mm pipe systems.


Each Polypipe manifold includes a flow meter on each flow port to provide a visual indicator of the flow through rate of each circuit.



Polypipe also offers a range of water temperature control units. These are used to reduce the water temperature for underfloor heating systems, when connected to the same boiler used for radiators or stored hot water, which operate at higher temperatures than underfloor systems.


  • Available as standard brass manifold
  • Also available as a Premium stainless steel option available for visible locations
  • Secure fix bracket makes installation quicker and easier


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