Revolutionizing Plumbing with In-Cert Feedback Technology

Tuesday 19th March 2024

Discover the latest innovation in plumbing with our NEW PolyPlumb® Enhanced fittings featuring In-Cert® feedback technology.

Designed to elevate installer confidence and ensure impeccable jointing, this patented technology introduces a new era of peace of mind in plumbing projects.



In-Cert® feedback technology sets a new standard by offering haptic 'click' feedback, providing installers with tangible assurance during the jointing process. With a 360° wave feature in its head engaging with socket projections, the distinctive 'click' signifies a secure connection, simplifying the installation process. Just push the pipe home, twist, and let the reassuring 'click' confirm a job well done.


PolyPlumb® Enhanced fittings are compatible with both original metal and plastic pipe stiffeners. However, it's worth noting that these stiffeners do not feature the In-Cert® feedback technology.


For those using the original PolyPlumb® and other Polypipe push-fit systems, our new In-Cert® pipe stiffener can also be used. However, positive feedback will not be gained.


Embrace the future of plumbing with PolyPlumb® Enhanced and experience unparalleled confidence in every joint. Upgrade to the latest technology and revolutionize your plumbing projects today... grab your free sample pack at


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