Polypipe Building Products unveils its Nature Reserve to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day

Thursday 28th July 2022

Today is World Nature Conservation Day, an annual event held on July 28th, which aims to emphasise the need to preserve the environment for future generations.

One place where we at Polypipe Building Products have recently been trying to preserve the environment is at Warmsworth Plantation, the nature reserve which can be found hidden at our Broomhouse Lane site in Doncaster.



Warmsworth Plantation

At the east corner of the site, adjacent to the hard standing (formally the balance pond), lies Warmsworth Plantation. This area of woodland covers approx. 0.7 hectares and is on the site of an ancient quarry. As a result, the underlying geology is ‘magnesian limestone’ which has created a unique habitat for flora and fauna.


Simon Mason, Environmental and Sustainability Manager at Polypipe Building Products, has been working on the site and has shared the story of Warmsworth Plantation so far with us:


For many years, Warmsworth Plantation was left undisturbed which led to the woodland becoming overcrowded with trees, which in turn were under attack from the ground ivy. Ground ivy covered all the ground and climbing up the trees, restricted daylight, and limited biodiversity.


In 2019, the woodland was assessed by the Built and Natural Environment Team at DMBC Planning Services and designated as ‘plantation woodland on an ancient woodland site’ (PAWS). This protects the area from being developed for commercial use.


However, this designation does not prevent the site to be used or developed in alternative ways, provided that any such development is sympathetic to the woodland and does not negatively impact the wildlife and ecology. To restore the site into a nature reserve, this would mean trimming back trees and vegetation as required, installing bird feeding stations and nest boxes, and adding footpaths and a picnic area.


To ensure that we were going to be positively impacting the land, Melissa Massarella, Doncaster Council’s Principal Officer (Biodiversity) for Economy and Environment reviewed our plans. Her response was positive and recognised the sensitivity included to ensure that the area could be an asset for both wildlife and staff.



With this feedback, a CAPEX was submitted to BP directors and approved without hesitation.


The work completed at Warmsworth Plantation in January 2022 included:


  • The cutting back of ground ivy to allow other plants to flourish
  • The selective trimming and cutting back of trees and shrubs to allow daylight to reach areas of the ground
  • The trimming back of ivy on 50% of the remaining trees
  • The inclusion of additional native flowering tree species
  • The creation of a wetland area
  • The installation of Bird nesting boxes and feeding stations
  • Creation of log piles that will rot down providing shelter and food for insects, small mammals and birds



And the results so far have been extremely positive and rewarding:


  • The resident birds are appreciating our efforts by emptying the feeders, these are being refilled twice a week.
  • The clearing back of the ivy has allowed other plant species to grow, such as wood anemones, lesser celandines and bluebells are starting to appear
  • The native flowering trees are now blossoming


A rare white Bluebell and Lesser Celendine


Wood Anemonies


Wild Garlic


@polypipetrade To celebrate #WorldNatureConservationDay we are showing you around Warmsworth Plantation - our little #naturereserve ♬ Ice Dance (From "Edward Scissorhands") - Ashton Gleckman

If you would like to find out more about the work being carried out at Warmsworth Plantation, you can contact our Environmental and Sustainability Manager Simon Mason via simon.mason@polypipe.com.

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