Polypipe Building Products MD joins the BMBI Expert Panel

Friday 8th September 2023

Matt Williams, Managing Director of Polypipe Building Products, has recently joined the Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) Expert Panel as their Heating and Cooling Expert.

The BMBI is a brand of the Builders Merchants Federation, developed and managed by MRA Research. The BMBI uses data from from GfK’s ground-breaking Builders Merchants Panel, which analyses data from over 80% of generalist builders’ merchants’ sales throughout Great Britain. GfK’s Builders Merchant Point of Sale Tracking Data sets a gold standard in reliable market trends. Unlike data from sources based on relatively small samples or estimates, or sales from suppliers to the supply chain, this up-to-date data is based on actual sales from merchants to builders and other trades.


BMBI’s monthly series tracks what is happening in the market month by month and includes an in-depth review every quarter. This trend series gives the industry access to far more accurate and comprehensive insights than that available to other construction sectors. The index is the only reliable measure of repair, maintenance, and improvement (RMI) building activity in the UK, which is of huge economic importance to those within the building and construction industry, as well as the Government.


Why Polypipe Building Products?

Polypipe Building Products, part of Genuit Group, is one of Europe's largest, most innovative manufacturers of plastic piping systems and low-carbon heating solutions for the residential market. We specialise in products for domestic properties for new build and RMI markets with over 5,000 products to suit any installation in a range of aesthetics. With over 40-years’ experience, Polypipe has grown from a singular plastic pipe manufacturer based in Doncaster into a group of 17 businesses helping the UK construction industry build better and more sustainably, now under the name Genuit Group.


Genuit Group sees itself as a thought leader in the future sustainable built environment and provides construction solutions way beyond plastic pipes and fittings, ranging from MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) and SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) systems, to magnetic filters and anti-corrosion chemicals. Our goal is to innovate and improve our products and services to help the UK reach net zero and influence the market to drive towards future best practices and systems.


Recent Part L building regulations updates are the stepping stone to the Future Homes Standard in 2025, and heating homes has become possibly the single biggest challenge facing UK housing developers and housing providers. The next few years will see the most fundamental change in heating domestic properties since gas boilers and steel radiators in the late 1970’s and 80’s. Gas is being phased out and heat pumps promoted by the government as a more sustainable electric heat source. This presents opportunities for new and different heating solutions such as Underfloor Heating.


The focus on decarbonisation is leading to a much higher level of insulation in new build homes.  However, with the need to heat homes quickly coinciding with the need to keep them cool as summer temperatures continuing to rise, heating and cooling must be considered concurrently to provide truly better homes for the future.


We’re therefore joining the panel of BMBI Experts to focus on heating and cooling while we work together as an industry to provide solutions to this challenge. Polypipe Building Products and other Genuit Group companies have complete, ready-made heating and cooling solutions for homes, and continue to invest in renewable technologies to drive sustainable living.


You can see the 2023 Q2 highlights summarised as below, or explore the full report here PowerPoint Presentation (bmbi.co.uk).


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