Plastic Plumbing Pipe: Giving it to you straight

Thursday 16th April 2020

At Polypipe, we choose Polybutylene to manufacture our pipes to create the most flexible and efficient pipe and jointing systems available. This is ideal for both domestic hot and cold-water plumbing and heating systems, providing exceptional durability and long-term performance.


Our pipes come with Pro-Straight technology, giving you unparalleled ease of use during installation. To put it simply, Pro-Straight means that our pipes can be laid straight, straight from the coil. With no time spent untangling pipes, it means you can get the job done more easily and efficiently.



There are many benefits to using our pipes with Pro-Straight technology:


  • Ready to use straight from the coil
  • 5 layer Barrier Pipe
  • Remains highly flexible from the coil
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Good cabling ability
  • Suitable for use in most plumbing and heating installations
  • British Standard Class S rated to BS7291 Part 1
  • Kitemark Licence Number 38148 to BS7291 Part 1 & 2


Our Pro-Straight pipes are also compatible with our full range of plastic plumbing fittings:



Pro-Straight technology is part of our Enhance range. Enhance is our mark that signifies investment in innovation. You can find out more about enhance by clicking the image below.



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