Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Monday 18th May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is a chance for the UK to focus on mental health.

This year's theme is #kindnessmatters, with the week running from 18 - 24 May.


The focus on kindness is a response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is having a big impact on people's mental health.


Some people have mental health conditions like depression or anxiety, which means they have feelings that won't go away and which start to really affect day-to-day life.


Mark Rowland, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said:


"We want to use Mental Health Awareness Week to celebrate the thousands of acts of kindness that are so important to our mental health. And we want to start a discussion on the kind of society we want to shape as we emerge from this pandemic."

What is meant by kindness?

Kindness is choosing to do something that helps others or yourself, motivated by genuine warm feelings.   


Kindness, or doing good, often means putting other people’s needs before our own. It could be by giving up our seat on a bus to someone who might need it more, or offering to make a cup of tea for someone at work.  


Evidence shows that helping others can also benefit our own mental health and wellbeing. For example, it can reduce stress as well as improve mood, self-esteem and happiness.  


There are so many ways to help others as part of our everyday lives. Good deeds needn’t take much time or cost any money.  


Small changes can make a big difference.  


Remember to be kind to yourself

  • Prioritise some “me” time, so you can relax and reflect on how you’re feeling and how your day or week has been so far  
  • Turn off from your social media channels for a day, or even a week  

  • Treat yourself to something small, such as buying or planting some flowers  

  • Do something you enjoy, like listening to a favourite song or dancing in your kitchen  

  • Spend some time in nature, which is good for our mental health   


You can find out more about mental health awareness week via the Mental Health Foundation website or find out more about the NHS's #EveryMindMatters campaign here.


Content Credit: BBC and Mental Health Foundation.

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