Meet the... National Development Manager at Polypipe TDI

Wednesday 31st October 2018

Find more about Mark Devanney, our National Development Manager for Polypipe TDI.


What is your position at Polypipe and how long have you been there?


I’ve been the National Development Manager at Polypipe TDI for the last 3 years but I’ve been at Polypipe for 26 years in April.


What does a typical day at Polypipe look like for you?


A typical day involves visiting customers all over the country, creating sales and raising product awareness. I also constantly review the marketplace and our product offering to identify any opportunities for our existing range or new product development. The job is a continuous work in progress.


What are three words you associate with Polypipe?


Innovation, Opportunity and Development  


What is the best part of working for Polypipe?


The best part of working for Polypipe is definitely the people and the support you get from them. From the product development team to the sales team out in the field, the support is incredible. Even as high up as Director level, the people we work with are all supportive and great at what they do.


What is your proudest moment at Polypipe?


I’d say lasting 26 years is a start! If I had to pick a highlight, it would be taking on my current role. I was handed responsibility for the TDI insulation and cavity closer section of the business and given the chance to run with it, which is what I’m doing now. It’s enabled me to develop and pick up new skills and I’m enjoying it!


If a movie was made about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?


Will Ferrell, in an Anchorman style role 


Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?


I go to Nerja in Southern Spain every year so I’d say there!


Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us?


I’m actually very shy. I come across as very outgoing but that’s just to make up for how shy I actually am!

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