Introducing… the IC600 range

Tuesday 12th February 2019

The IC600 range of inspection chambers is a safer and more cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete ring manholes for the maintenance or inspection of sewers or drains.


Designed for adoptable and non-adoptable domestic and commercial drainage systems, the range is manufactured from high quality polypropylene and is engineered to last.


The unique adaptor range simplifies choice allowing multiple configuration options for connections to Polysewer, Smoothwall PVCu and 150mm Vitrified Clay pipe.


Key Benefits


  • Choice of six IC600 bases with straight through flow or cross tee configuration
  • For use with 150/160mm, 225/250mm or 300/315mm pipe
  • Choice of adaptors for pipe connection to Polysewer, Smoothwall PVCu and Vitrified Clay pipe
  • Certified to EN 13598-2 and compliant with Sewers for Adoption 7th edition
  • Double skinned base for additional groundwater resistance
  • Fully sealed for a water tight, tamper proof and low maintenance installation
  • Light weight & strong for improved health and safety and easy handling, corrosion resistant
  • High strength single piece 600mm diameter Ridgisewer SN8 riser
  • Riser cap which can be adapted for reduced access for chamber depths of greater than 1.2m by using the UG514 restricted access reducer with Polypipe ductile iron covers and frames
  • Riser cap directly compatible with the UG510 Polypropylene square cover and frame


Typical installation detail of the IC600 600mm Diameter Chamber (Subject to vehicle loading)


IC600 Base Adaptor Installation Procedure

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