Featuring… the UG510 Polypropylene Cover and Frame

Friday 7th June 2019

June is officially Below Ground Drainage month across the Polypipe Trade social media accounts so as part of this we want to highlight the UG510 Cover and Frame.


The Polypipe UG510 lightweight polypropylene cover and frame is suited for use in lightly loaded areas. Designed for use with all Polypipe 460mm chambers, the cover and frame is rated at A15 (15kN), but can withstand a loading of 35kN for use in domestic driveways when installed with a full concrete surround.


The 65mm deep frame allows straightforward installation in block paved areas. The tread pattern and cast-iron effect offer a slip resistant surface complying with the requirements of BS EN 124:2015. The integral removable 350mm reduced access ring allows use on chambers deeper than 1.2m.


The UG515 finned gasket optionally provides a seal between the cover and riser.



Key Benefits:

  • Made from hard wearing, weather resistant black polypropylene, lightweight design for easy handling.
  • Deeper 65mm frame for installation in block paving, cover with anti-slip tread pattern & cast iron effect.
  • Rated at 15kN/1.5T (A15) for use in lightly loaded areas such as domestic gardens and footpaths.
  • Can withstand loading of 35kN/3.5T for use in domestic driveways when surrounded by a full concrete surround (see installation details on opposite side).
  • For use with the Polypipe 460mm underground inspection chamber, non-an entry deep inspection chamber and SFA7 inspection chamber ranges.
  • Anti-rock with four removable locking screws (use T30 or larger slotted screwdriver). The spigot of the frame should be secured to top riser section by means of stainless steel, self tapping screws min 10 x 1” (Not provided) using the two screw holes moulded into the frame.
  • Single seal with integrated removable 350mm restrictor ring for chambers deeper than 1.2m. Optional frame to riser gasket


Installation Details




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