Everything you need to know about PolySoil™

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Last year, Polypipe Building Products introduced Polysoil to the above ground drainage market. PolySoil is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced ring seal soil system available to the UK today. The new range is available to merchants and stockists across the UK and contains a host of new features that mark a new chapter for a product group that has largely remained unchanged for a generation. 

Here Paul Jackon, our Above Ground Product Manager, outlines what merchants and installers need to know about this year's must have above ground drainage product range.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

The guiding principle for soil products has been ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. But with homeowners willing to invest more in bathrooms, ensuite bathrooms and additional toilets, Polypipe, the leading manufacturer of above and below ground plastic drainage systems, looked into what more could be done to ensure installers had access to a soil and waste range that is fit for the demands of a modern home project or renovation.


Following consultation and research with installers, Polypipe has launched PolySoil™, an innovative range of new ring seal soil products for the UK residential market, designed to make installation faster and simpler for plumbers and contractors. Each aspect of the range has been developed to help alleviate common issues for installers during soil and waste installations and to provide added assurance that a ‘fit and forget’ approach can be used.


Key Features

The new PolySoil™ range brings together enhancements including solid component construction, sleek design and innovative features that demonstrate the very best of British design ingenuity and manufacturing capability, such as single-piece moulding technology and a new blue fixed Ring Lock Seal.


The unique fixed Ring Lock Seal is made up of the blue Polypipe seal and a specially engineered ridged stay-shape ring to lock everything in place, ensuring maximum seal integrity. This means no distortion, no dislodging or drop through of the seal allowing for quick and easy installation of a waste system in any situation.



As soil systems can expand and contract depending on the water temperatures running through a fitted system, the traditional snap cap fittings can become compromised and lead to failure overtime. PolySoil™ has been designed to improve the long-term performance and integrity of the soil system.


A further benefit of the engineered design is that the sleek design provides a more compact fitting making a soil stack easy to fit in more compact spaces, such as in a small bathroom or utility room installation.


The range holds Kitemark BS EN 1329, for additional quality assurance, is certified to BS4514, and fittings are available in 82-160mm sizes. All of these features have been developed to enhance product reliability and provide the installer and the end user with a peace of mind that a PolySoil™ system is set for a lifetime.



The range is available in a number of colours suitable for any residential application where the soil system may be visible, including black, grey, white and brown.

Added Benefits

Furthermore, the product labelling on each component includes easy to use QR codes providing an installer with access to enhanced details about the product, making it easier to find and order further components as required. The label is waterproof and easy peel so no unsightly hard to peel labels left on the soil stack.



The PolySoil fittings are complemented by the multi-layer recycled core waste pipe. The piping is manufactured with BioCoteÒ, an antimicrobial additive that helps to prevent damaging bacteria build-ups and blockages within a system. Polypipe products that integrate BioCoteÒ have been independently proven to reduce more than 99% of microbes.


For an installer this range of enhanced benefits when using the PolySoil™ range is designed to improve the installation methods an installer undertakes, and to leave behind a soil system that is set to perform for years to come.


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