31 Days of Giveaways

Tuesday 31st July 2018

Throughout the month of August, Polypipe Building Products will be putting on '31 Days of Giveaways' across our social media channels.


"We want to give back to the followers that have supported us so far on social media with some fantastic giveaways which allow them to try new experiences or spend time with a partner or loved ones."

One giveaway a day will take place across any one of our social media accounts:










To enter on the day:


1. Make sure you follow us on the appropriate platform for that days giveaway.

2. Follow the rest of the instructions on the post.


All entries that have followed all instructions, dated for the day of that particular giveaway will be accepted. I.e. For a giveaway dated August 1st, all entries posted which have a timestamp of August 1st will be eligible to enter.


The winner will be chosen and shared the following morning by 10.00am. At which time, the next days giveaway will be announced.


To view full terms and conditions click here.


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