2024 Annual Sales Conference

Monday 29th January 2024

Polypipe Building Products is hitting the ground running this year as we round off a great week of sales conferences; firstly the second annual Sustainable Building Solutions Conference, followed by our own Polypipe Building Products sales conference.

Doncaster played host to colleagues from across our Sustainable Building Solutions business unit and beyond, including Polypipe Building ServicesManthorpe Building ProductsPolypipe Middle East and Polypipe Ulster.


We were also able to take advantage of a Genuit Group Occupational Health ‘Know Your Numbers’ pop-up which enabled employees to review some basic health stats, such as blood pressure and cholesterol.


The real showstopper of the week was the unveiling of our groundbreaking PolyPlumb® Enhanced range, setting the stage for an incredible year ahead!


Thank you to Adam Foy, Chief Commercial Officer at City Plumbing (Highbourne Group), who also spoke at the event.


Our Sales and Marketing Director, Tom Hood, shared, "It has been fantastic to be together as 'one team', bringing together sales, marketing, product, commercial, customer service, and the Senior Leadership Team to set our strategic goals, our team culture, and our customer first mindset. Game on for 2024!" 

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