Retail and Warehousing

We understand the key part design plays in creating the right atmosphere for retail therapy. Our Terrain siphonic drainage systems allow large roof areas to be drained quickly which means less space is taken up by vertical drainage pipes, making your comemercial building, warehouse, factory or retail premises more aesthetically pleasing.

We offer drainage systems and rainwater management solutions for high footfall areas - from water management solutions to leak free joint integrity for drainage pipe systems and water supply systems. Our siphonic roof drainage is suitable for most industrial buildings with a large, flat roof area, such as warehouses, factories and retail outlets.


  • Terrain Revit Families

    Following the UK Government target of achieving Building Information Modelling (BIM) level 2 by 2016 on all public sector asset procurement we have been working on ensuring our parts are avail

  • Siphonic Roof Drainage

    Our self-cleaning, high velocity Terrain Siphonic Drainage System provides an advanced roof drainage solution which can be used to drain large roof areas. Used on applications ranging from sta

  • In-Building Soil, Waste & Vent

    At Polypipe we have soil pipe, waste pipe and vent pipe systems to suit all applications. Our extensive range of commercial and public buildings soil, waste and vent pipe s

  • Terrain Chemical Soil and waste drainage system

    Chemical Soil & Waste

    Terrain FUZE and Terrain Soil and Waste Systems can be used for a range of chemical applications due to their chemical resistance characteristics. This makes them ideal for use in laboratories

  • In-Building Rainwater & Rainwater Outlets

    Our in-building Terrain Gravity Rainwater and Rainwater Outlets are used to drain flat roofs and balconies and convey water to underground drain or water re-use systems. We would recommend usi

  • Food & Beverage Processing

    Food and beverage processing often requires water and liquids to be moved around the system and water is often needed for cleansing and cooking. Our modern, plastic systems offer a smooth bore

  • Chemical Processing & Industrial

    For chemical processing and industrial applications, pressure pipe systems are required. In order to prevent corrosion or freezing of the system, chemicals are often added.

  • Chilled Water

    For chilled water applications such as cooling systems for commercial and industrial buildings and air conditioning systems, we recommend these Effast pressure systems.



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Effast Product Guide 2017

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Effast Technical Manual

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Terrain FUZE technical manual

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Terrain Soil & Waste Technical Manual

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Siphonic hydromax product guide

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