Terrain FUZE

Terrain FUZE is a high performance, modern drainage system which has been used on a wide range of prestigious commercial buildings. It's manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) so has strong abrasion, chemical and temperature resistance. Terrain FUZE is installed via electro or butt fusion welded joints, utilising the host material of the pipe for maximum joint integrity. Because HDPE is corrosion resistant, it's suitable for chemical drainage.  Other jointing methods are available, such as expansion and ring seal fittings.


Specifiers and installers have maximum flexibility in the design process with this system and due to its inherent material characteristics Terrain FUZE lends itself to fabrication. It's lightweight which means it can be installed quickly and efficiently, giving direct, resource-saving benefits.


It's available in diameters from 40 up to 315mm. 




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Terrain FUZE TFTM3-PT Jan-19

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Terrain FUZE BBA certificate

Terrain FUZE BBA Certificate
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Terrain Drainage Price List Feb 2020

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