Stack Replacement for Buildings in Use

Thanks to our Polypipe Advantage Service, it is now possible for decaying, unhealthy drainage stacks / soil stacks, often made from traditional materials to be taken out and replaced with new, modern plastic drainage stacks whilst residents remain living inside the building. This is particularly important for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, high rise buildings, tower blocks and Local Authority Housing Associations as it is often difficult to re-home tenants whilst refurbishment work takes place.

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We have a dedicated local authority development team, click here to contact.


There are many benefits to using our Polypipe Advantage Service with Terrain drainage systems, these include reducing your on-site labour costs, reducing your installation times on site and reducing on-site waste. Click here to find out more.


Terrain Acoustic dB12 is ideal for residential refurbishment and Terrain FUZE also lends itself to fabrication and live stack replacement.


We understand that a key concern for many Local Authorities is the containment of fire which is why we created our Firetrap products.

  • Terrain Acoustic dB12

    The Terrain Acoustic dB12 is an easy to install, triple layer pipe system with specially developed co-polymer polypropylene layers and acoustically engineered fittings.

  • Terrain FUZE

    Manufactured from high density polypethylene (HDPE), Terrain FUZE provides a high performance solution with strong abrasion, chemical and temperature resistance.

  • Terrain Firetraps

    Terrain Firetrap is a comprehensive range of unique passive fire protection products for use with Terrain Soil and Waste Systems, Terrain FUZE and Terrain Acoustic dB12.



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World class solutions for Local Authorities (working together to deliver added value systems and solutions) LABC3 Jan-19

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