Polystorm-R has been designed to provide surface water retention, surface water attenuation or surface water infiltration as a soakaway solution at a variety of depths in trafficked and loaded areas. It has a 61 tonnes/m² compressive strength and is manufactured from over 90% recycled material content.


Features & Benefits


  • Made from specially selected and controlled recycled materials
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable solution
  • Compressive strength 61 tonnes/m2
  • Ideal for retention, attenuation or soakaway applications/schemes with a suitable geomembrane or geotextile
  • BBA approved
  • Can be used as part of an intelligently engineered hybrid system with Polystorm, Polystorm Lite and Polystorm Xtra
  • Integrated inlet and outlet
  • 3D flow throughout the structure
  • 95% void ratio
  • 60 years creep limited life expectancy


Polystorm-R Technical Specification Overview


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Polystorm Flyer

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An 8 step guide to a total Polystorm system

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Polystorm-R Datasheet PSM1a

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Polystorm Technical Manual

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