Ridgistorm Chambers

Providing a unique and comprehensive service through our in-house fabrication facility, we are able to create fully engineered solutions to precisely match specific project requirements.

Whether you require a one-piece manhole, catchpit, flow control device or treatment filter, a customised fitting or specialist bend, our team can engineer the right system accurately and to the highest quality.


Our pre-fabricated solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly within existing drainage or water management systems, including our Ridgidrain, Ridgisewer or Ridgistorm-XL systems, or can be engineered to connect to other materials.


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Ridgistorm Products:

  • RIDGISTORMControl Penstock Chamber

    RIDGISTORMControl Penstocks and Valves

    We offer pre-fabricated structured wall chambers, in a range of diameters, which feature 'in line' system component such as a Penstocks, Gate Valves or Flap Valves. These products facilitate maintenance, control system flows and protect the drainage system from surcharging.

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  • RIDGISTORMAccess Manhole

    RIDGISTORMAccess Manholes

    Whether your project calls for stormwater, foul water or combined sewer systems,we can purpose-build high density polyethylene (HDPE) pre-fabricated manholes, providing easy access into a pipeline. They can be integrated into our Ridgidrain and Ridgistorm-XL pipework systems or engineered to connect to other materials.

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    RIDGISTORM-X4 Surface Water Treatment Devices

    RIDGISTORM-X4 is a 4 stage treatment device, used for the treatment of surface water run-off, providing high levels of contaminant removal, including hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Utilising a number of processes the RIDGISTORM-X4 Stormwater Treatment System consistently provides proven levels of protection for the downstream elements of the drainage system and local environment.

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  • Ridgistorm-XL Chamber Accessories Thumbnail

    Ridgistorm-XL Chamber Accessories

    We have a selection of chamber accessories that can be pre-fabricated into our RIDGISTORMAccess Manholes, to provide enhacned Health and Safety benefits for workers inside our chambers. All chambers are delivered to site, ready to install as one-piece modular units. Our safety accessories offering includes Guardrails, Safety Chains, Ladders and Steps and Toe Holds.

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