RIDGISTORM-X4 Surface Water Treatment Devices

RIDGISTORM-X4 is a 4 stage treatment device, used for the treatment of surface water run-off, providing high levels of contaminant removal, including hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Utilising a number of processes the RIDGISTORM-X4 Stormwater Treatment System consistently provides proven levels of protection for the downstream elements of the drainage system and local environment.


Water is induced into a radical flow within the dynamic separator at the base of the unit, promoting sedimentation of solid particles.


Water flows up from the separator and through removable filter elements. The filter elements remain saturated, minimizing the risk of the filter elements clogging.


Chemical Separation
While passing through the filter unit, dissolved chemical pollutants are removed through a process of adsorption, absorption and precipitation.


Oil Retention
Water is finally discharged via an oil trap assembly which is designed to retain free floating oils in the event of a major spill.


Applications / Performance / Installation
RIDGISTORM-X4 is capable of cleaning surface water run-off from roofs, car parks, roads and heavily trafficked areas. It is a low maintenance solution for all surface water applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Improves water quality by treating surface water run-off as close to source as possible
  • Advanced four-stage filtration system
  • Treats water from roofs, car parks and roads
  • Separates and removes silt, heavy particles, oil, phosphorus and heavy metal pollutants
  • Low maintenance – no moving parts
  • Compliant with Water Framework Directive (WFD)
  • Can be used in conjunction with attenuation and flow control devices
  • Supplied within a pre-fabricated chamber delivered to site ready to install, or as a standalone unit
  • Tailor-made, fully-welded, watertight structured wall chambers to suit project-specific requirements
  • Chamber is strong but light in weight, minimising Health and Safety risks
  • Depths can be tailored to suit project requirements
  • Lockable steel covers available
  • Step irons to BS EN 13101 and ladders to BS EN 14376
  • Integral lifting points available on request to improve Health and Safety of handling and installation 

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