Ridgiduct is a twinwall cable protection system, specifically engineered to provide a light yet robust alternative to conventional cable protection.

Ridgiduct has been specifically designed for applications including power, motorway communications, lighting and utilities. In addition to Ridgiduct, we also offer Polyduct cable protection, a none twinwall system, for power and lighting.


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Manufactured from HDPE and polypropylene (in the case of Ridgiduct Power HV), Ridgiduct is stiff yet flexible, and its twin-wall structure easily outperforms alternative products.

Ridgiduct Features & Benefits

  • Complies with BS EN 61386-24:2010 750N normal duty impact
  • Complies with ENATS 12-24 Class 1 specification, 450N at 75ºC (Ridgiduct Power HV)
  • Complies with ENATS 12-24 Class 2 specification, 450N at 50ºC (Ridgiduct Power)
  • Supplied with an integral coupler
  • Low weight, flexible, durable and high strength
  • Good impact resistance, even at low temperatures
  • Full range of fittings and accessories available
  • BBA and BBA HAPAS approved
  • Print options available