We are the UK's leading cable protection supplier to the power and utilities industries where our products are extensively used. We are an approved manufacturer for most Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). We are a major supplier of cable protection products and accessories for The National Grid and the renewable energy sector. Our cable protection solutions are certified to British and European Standards and comply with ENATS 12 to 24, Classes 1,2 and 3 - the Electrical Supply Industry Specification for Cable Protection.


Extensive Choice

We provide the largest range of cable protection systems for low voltage and high voltage application, including single wall and twinwall solutions, which can be supplied as straight lengths or coils. We also provide above ground solutions such as Cable Guards and Hockey Sticks.


Totally Integrated Solutions

For power stations in particular, we can be the ideal 'one-stop shop', providing complete water management and surface water drainage systems as well as every cable protection requirement. The result is the assurance of a totally integrated system, plus all the cost and convenience benefits of a single source for every pipe requirement on the site.

  • Cable Protection

    Our UK-manufactured range of pipes includes over 1,000 tried and tested products to protect cables and conduits carrying power, motorway communications, lighting and utilities.


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