Polystorm Soakaway Geotextiles

Polystorm Soakaway Geotextiles - Product Codes: PVTS1000 & PVTS2000


Polystorm Soakaway Geotextiles are UV stabilized, polypropylene continuous filament needle-punched non-woven geotextiles, designed to complement our existing Polystorm modular geocellular system.


They are supplied in two variants, Standard (PVTS1000) and Heavy Duty (PVT2000), are suitable for use as part of our Polystorm geocellular system for infiltration applications, and can also be incorporated into drainage trenches


Features & Benefits


  • Excellent filtration properties, including high water permeability and optimum soil retention capability
  • Offers quick and efficient draining of soil
  • Resistant to all chemical and biological media that usually occur in surrounding soils and construction materials
  • High mechanical resistance
  • 100 year design life


Installation Standard


Polystorm HD Soakaway Geotextile will be laid to suit site specific requirements. Overlaps shall be joined together with double sided jointing tape. Ensure geotextile is clean and debris free before installing Polystorm.


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