Permavoid Permatex Capillary Geotextile

Permavoid Permatex Capillary Geotextile​ - Product Code: PV23008 / PV23009


Permavoid Permatex Capillary Geotextile is a heavy-duty, non-woven, needle-punched geotextile made from a blend of modified polyester fibres. It is specially formulated to absorb water used to irrigate mineral substrates when used in conjunction with Permavoid units.




The wicking geotextile is suitable for use in most landscaped applications including roof gardens, bio-retention systems, soft SuDS applications and sports pitches, as part of a passive irrigation system.


Key Benefits


  • Can be used as part of a passive irrigation system
  • Can remove excess soil moisture
  • Transports stormwater laterally across a wide surface area, thus irrigating surrounding soil/growing media and maintaining the correct amount of soil moisture to promote growth




A robust, heavy duty Geotextile, when constantly charged with water it allows moisture to be fed naturally by capillary action to landscaped areas for irrigation. 300mm lap jointing is required. Installation Permavoid Permatex Capillary Geotextile shall be laid continuously to suit the site specific requirements. Overlaps shall be a minimum of 300mm or heat sealed.



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