Land Drainage Pipe Systems

Land Drainage Solutions

Excess water can lead to multiple problems for landowners and users, particularly in the agriculture, sports and leisure sectors as these problems occur land access gets restricted, crop yields reduce, soil erosion occurs as does the flooding/water logging of sections of pitches. Effective drainage is, therefore, a critical component of any surface water management scheme. Often natural drainage is not enough, and engineered systems are required.


Our systems can be designed to deal with specific drainage issues or land-use concerns.

The Landcoil Range

Our Landcoil range is designed to aid the successful management of land water. It has been shown to make significant improvements in areas where poor drainage affects ground quality. The PVCu Landcoil range includes a range of land drainage pipe in various diameters, colours and coil lengths. It is also durable, easy to install and carries the BS 4962 quality Kitemark and is supported by an extensive range of fittings.

Trenches and French Drains

The installation of trenches and french drains to collect, treat and infiltrate water and/or route it to another area is common in many rural and transport network applications.


The use of our Linflex filter drainage pipes, Ridgidrain 100-600mm surface water drainage pipes, Ridgitreat surface water treatment pipe and Permafilter geotextile in trenches and french drains, used in conjunction with RIDGISTORMSeparate Silt Traps and Catchpits to remove silt, is an effective source control water management solution.


Be sure to use our comprehensive Technical Hub for expert help and in-depth information on all land drainage systems we have to offer.