ArborRaft Tree Root Protection

The damage casued by tree roots lifting pavements and disturbing services is now eradicated by using the ArborRaft system.



The root structure is provided with a healthy growing area which is left uncompacted and with access to water and constant nutrient feeding is required. Tree roots do not tend to break through pavement surfaces when their rooting environment is so similar to that of a natural forest floor and the ArborRaft system helps create a natural air barrier preventing roots from penetrating surfaces.






The ArborRaft system can also be used in basement construction for insulation and structure protection against the ingress of deep tree and plant rooting systems. The ArborRaft creates a high strength structural air void that acts as the perfect barrier against the ingress of deep rooted tree and plant roots into below ground structures thus reducing the damaging effects this can have.


  • ArborRaft Tree Root Development

    The ArborRaft combines tree soil with a geocellular raft system to create growing space for newly planted and existing trees in hard landscapes and in areas subject to vehicle loadings.


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