ArborRaft Tree Root Development

The ArborRaft combines tree soil with a geocellular raft system to create growing space for newly planted and existing trees in hard landscapes and in areas subject to vehicle loadings.

The unique ArborRaft system spreads the load ensuring there is no compaction of the soils around the tree roots, maintaining the perfect environment for the trees to establish and mature providing the benefits that healthy trees bring to our own towns and cities. Oxygen and water levels can be managed and improved within the ArborRaft system. All types of vehicle loadings can be accomodated, from cars through to heavy goods vehicles.


The ArborRaft system is a combination of specially matched and tested materials.The system prevents damage to the root structure from vertical pressures by completely absorbing all imposed loads placed upon it. This permits the root structure of new and existing trees to grow in a healthy environment.


The structural void created by the ArborRaft can be filled with a nutrient rich soil to act as a slow release fertiliser continually feeding the root structure when combined within a permable or porous paving construction. The system can also be incorporated into a development's sustainable drainage design. The system has a 90% void ratio which may be used to store surface water runoff to assist with flood prevention. This water may be re-used if required as grey water or attenuated to restrict flow rates from site to meet local environmental standards.



  • AborRaft Tree Root Protection

    The damage casued by tree roots lifting pavements and disturbing services is now eradicated by using the ArborRaft system.The root structure is provided with a healthy growing area which is left uncompacted and with access to water and constant nutrient feeding if required.


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