Polystorm Catchpit

The Polystorm Catchpit is a prefabricated 600mm catchpit, used as part of a Polystorm system. It is an easily maintainable and cost effective way of protecting the downstream sustainable drainage system (SuDS). They are designed to separate silt and debris, helping to protect the Polystorm geocellular system and reducing tank maintenance activities. The catchpit is 1.5m high, including a 300mm sump. There are three inlet/outlet sizes available in 150mm, 225mm and 300mm. The catchpit is supplied with pre-installed water tight end caps on each inlet/outlet. An optional 600mm to 350mm reduced access cap can be supplied, please order separately.




Polystorm Catchpits are designed to be installed upstream of a Polystorm tank. They minimise the volume of silt and debris entering the tank by encouraging settlement within the sump, reducing maintenance activities. A flange adaptor will be required to join the spigot of the catchpit to the Polystorm tank.


Key Benefits


  • High quality off-site fabricated catchpits, eliminates wastage associated with in-situ construction
  • One-piece catchpit reduces installation time and minimises Health and Safety risks
  • Watertight structured wall catchpits which are strong but light in weight
  • Separates silt and debris from the downstream drainage system
  • Provides easy access for maintenance activities
  • Inlets and outlets supplied with integral spigots allowing quick and seamless connection to pipeline
  • All inlet/outlet spigots are supplied with water tight end caps
  • An optional 600mm to 350mm diameter reduced access cap can be supplied, increasing Health & Safety during inspection


Technical Support


Detailed guidance and assistance is available. Please contact our Technical Team on +44 (0)1509 615 100 or email: civils@polypipe.com or visit www.polypipe.com/civils-technical-hub

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