Manchester’s Green Horizons

Friday 12th June 2020

Nicholas Wright, Specification Manager, City & Landscape; Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation


Back in March 2019 Greater Manchester’s Mayor, Andy Burnham, launched the region’s bold environmental plan, an ambitious project that, among other things, wanted the city to be carbon neutral by 2038, 12 years ahead of the Government’s own target. In short Manchester wanted to become one of the world’s healthiest, cleanest and greenest city-regions.


That’s why we at Polypipe Civils and Green Urbanisation have chosen to focus on this city exemplar for the inaugural seminar in our Realising Resilience e-Roadshow programme of virtual experiences with strong regional dimensions.


Designed to connect people as well as systems, the e-Roadshows bring together industry-leading specialists from the worlds of architecture, landscape architecture, utilities, engineering, environmental consultancy and urban master planning to deliver critical intelligence and insights across green infrastructure, flood and drought resilience, urban realm landscaping and wellbeing.


Our vision at Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation parallels Manchester’s in terms of creating city spaces which are ‘self-sustainable’ in terms of water; and through smart management of resources and green assets, deliver environments which promote wellbeing, biodiversity, climate resilience and where people live longer – and better.


Over the course of this session, there’ll be insights into how new residential developments like the high-profile Angel Gardens have transformed the way its residents live, and by harnessing nature, provide them with amenities to create healthy spaces and a sense of wellbeing.


You’ll hear how biodiversity has been analysed to give a tangible sense of where the region is – and where it is heading. And yes, biodiversity is measurable, as consultants The Environment Partnership will show, illustrating in the process the disparity in the natural environment among Greater Manchester’s ten constituent local authorities.


Experts from United Utilities, Greater Manchester Combined Authority and geo-environmental engineering design practice, The Environmental Protection Group, will share knowledge about the value and importance of sustainable water management, utilizing nature’s biggest gift to promote urban green infrastructure, such as roofs, gardens and trees with water storage and management systems.


So, join us as we head for Manchester’s green and pleasant land. For information on the full programme and details of how to register visit: -


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