Polypipe supplies a final touch of Elegance for Sheffield development

When Yorkshire developer Erris Homes needed to add a final touch of style to their flagship Sheffield housing project they opted for the Elegance Colour rainwater range from Polypipe.

Polypipe Building Products, the leading manufacturer of above and below-ground drainage systems for the residential housebuilding sector, supplied the Elegance Colour range of guttering and downpipe systems to the 14-home Orchard Croft development in High Green. 

The homes designed at Orchard Croft use high pitched roofs, meaning that water from rainfall can enter a guttering system at a much higher flow rate. The Elegance Colour range of robust guttering and downpipe fittings and fixtures offered the developer a high performance system that provides sufficient capacity for the efficient disposal of heavy rainfall, flowing from a high pitched roof.

In addition, all Elegance Colour systems, available in square and sovereign profiles feature PVCu fascia brackets, top and side rafter brackets, and rise and fall brackets in galvanized metal to provide excellent support to the guttering system year upon year, which meet BS EN 12056-3: 2000 Roof Drainage recommendations.
Erris Homes chose a cast iron black from the Heritage range of colours available through Elegance to match the key features of the homes including doors and window frames.

Polypipe, which has worked with Erris Homes at a previous site in Leeds, also supplied technical support service from the sales and technical teams throughout the project. 

Polypipe’s offers a range of high-capacity rainwater systems designed for areas that are vulnerable to high levels of rainfall.

Scott Leather, Commercial and Technical Director at Erris Homes said:

“This is our first development in Sheffield and as such, quality is paramount when you’re hoping to successfully establish a brand in a new area.

We are launching another new development in Sheffield and word of mouth among home buyers is so important in an industry like ours.

It was our hope that the quality of our homes, which is supported by Polypipe’s products, including their striking rainwater systems would be a key feature in supporting sales. This has proved successful as we only have one remaining property left to sell on the development.”