The Old Workshop gets new Underfloor Heating

Polypipe’s Underfloor Heating system has been used by an award winning London architect in the conversion of a semi-derelict Islington workshop.

Architect Jack Woolley was presented with the challenge of converting the workshop into a residential unit, requiring significant extension work to restore and enlarge the former carpenter’s workshop.

As planning restrictions meant adding an additional storey wasn’t possible, a basement floor had to be excavated, doubling the size of the building. 

Even with this extension the property only measured 100m², so space was at a premium. In order to heat the property efficiently while simultaneously saving space, Polypipe’s solid floor Underfloor Heating system was selected as the floors were to be constructed from concrete. 

By installing underfloor heating it was possible to create a comfortable, uncluttered environment without the need for radiators.

This made the space more flexible, taking the form of working or living areas  depending on the occupant’s needs.

As the building features some rooms with unusual wall shapes, flexible polybutylene  PolyPlumb pipes were used, making it easier to fit the system. Polypipe manifolds with flow regulators and gauges were also fitted 
alongside the new underfloor system. 

Offering an energy efficient heating solution, Underfloor Heating from Polypipe operates at a lower temperature than traditional radiator systems, reducing the demand placed on a property’s boiler. 

Polypipe’s work with Jack on the site saw it win the 2012 AJ (Architect’s Journal) Small Projects Award. The judges described the project as ‘delightful’ and a ‘superb use of a found site’.