Plain sailing for houseboat featuring underfloor heating

Polypipe’s low profile OverlayTM System allowed the John to maximise the amount of space out of the barge. Creating flexibility to design a luxurious and warm living environment.

When John Wainwright of DAA3 saw the opportunity to turn a wide beam canal boat in to a luxurious living space in the heart of central London, he knew it was too good not to be missed.

The Dusty Parakeet is a masterclass in maximising useable space. It sits at a compact 12ft wide by 60ft long, allowing the largest possible living area, whilst still being small enough to navigate London's locks. So whilst, you could always up anchor and set sail, you may want to make the most of the barge's current mooring at St. Katharine Docks. As central London's only Marina, the busy community boasts great transport links; a vibrant mix of retail, office and restaurant outlets; and a number of festivals and markets throughout the year.

When approaching the renovation, John drew on his wider construction experience and knew exactly what heating system the boat required. John chose Polypipe's OverlayTM system which could be fitted directly on the boat's floor deck, whilst adding just 18mm in height. John then laid a handmade low profile ply kaboon floor, which is specially made for boats. The two together provided the perfect solution for when ceiling height is at a premium.

Adding underfloor heating also meant that every bit of wall space was available for other uses, and in the main liing room John has cleverly managed to fit in a practical kitchen, storage space and seating areas. The boat is completed in an airy bedroom and a sleek bathroom. The finished effect is suprisingly spacious.

John says,

We think this is the first barge with UFH. Having spent time on houseboats before, the proximity to the water means the floors can get cold in winter, and usually radiators fail to take the chill off the floor. Underfloor heating gives us a whole heating solution which also addresses a houseboat's problem areas of cold floors and limited space.

If the Dusky Parakeet has caught your imagination, DAA3 are available to turn your project into a reality.

To find out how cost-effective and easy it can be to add underfloor heating to your next project, contact the Polypipe Underfloor Heating team via