Anchorwood Bank: Ridgisewer serves new Barnstaple retail park

Over 100 metres of Polypipe’s popular Ridgisewer structured wall sewer pipes have been installed for the development of a brand new riverside retail park in Devon.

Anchorwood Bank is a major regeneration project in the North Devon town of Barnstaple, which will see the creation of an exciting new riverside quarter for living and shopping next to the town centre.

The extensive plans include a new ASDA store, new homes, and additional retail and leisure space. The retail park will comprise four, large high quality retail units and three restaurant units with outside seating areas and car parking.

Ridgisewer reduced costs and installation time to keep the project on schedule.

As with all large projects, the developers were faced with strict time and budget constraints. Polypipe’s water company adoptable Ridgisewer system provided a host of benefits to contractors Andrew Scott, when considered against a concrete-based solution.

There is a growing adoption of plastic-based solutions in the commercial development market, as specifier and contractors look for modern solutions. With such deep excavations needed for sewer pipes, installation can sometimes be dif cult and lengthy. Ridgisewer offers a simpler and quicker installation process with push seal joints, and as a result it provides a greater level of safety for the contractor team.

As less time is required on-site for installation, and there is no need for costly rockers and stubs, Ridgisewer also proved more costeffective than the concrete alternative. To meet the developer’s requirement, Polypipe supplied 147m of Ridgisewer in 400mm and 600mm diameters in standard three metre lengths. Ridgisewer is available in six sizes from 400-900mm and includes a complete system of couplings, seals, bends, junctions, specialist fabrications and saddles. The contractor was able to draw upon the UK’s largest and most complete range of sewer systems, supplied by Polypipe.

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