Duct Systems

Our Domus range offers the most comprehensive selection of high quality plastic ducting available in the industry. The range includes both rigid and semi-rigid ducting to allow customers to select the most suitable system based on the dwelling type and installation requirements.

What is the Difference Between Domus Rigid and Semi-Rigid Radial Duct?


Semi-Rigid Radial: Versatile Ø75mm duct which uses a manifold distribution system and is ideal for new and refurbishment projects, especially where space is restricted or installation time is at a premium.


  • Up to 60% quicker and easier to install, saving time and money
  • Available as parts and pre-selected MVHR or MEV house packs for simple specification and ordering
  • Eliminates room-to-room cross talk, for a quieter home
  • Stylish grilles, insulation and fire-stopping products available



Rigid: Traditional straight duct and fittings, typically installed in a branched configuration. Rigid duct is available in a variety of sizes and ideal for new build and all major refurbishment projects where space is not an issue.


  • Available in 8 different profiles to suit any application
  • Offers improved air-tightness and efficiency over other rigid duct systems
  • Domus Thermal patented duct insulation, radically improves the thermal insulation of rigid ducting
  • Includes FireBrake fire-stopping connectors and duct sound attenuators that lower noise by 55dB
  • NEW high efficiency bends reduce duct bends resistance by up to 60%
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