We offer a comprehensive range of chambers specially designed for surface water treatment and drainage access and maintenance, to separate silt and other particles which have the potential to damage or reduce the effectiveness of drainage systems.



We also offer a range of pre-fabricated, engineered solutions which are designed to integrate seamlessly within existing drainage or water management systems, including our Ridgidrain, Ridgisewer or Ridgistorm-XL systems.


 Manholes                  Flow Controllers                 Penstocks & Valves  


Our chambers can also be fitted with a range of lifting points, which have been designed specifically to aid in the safe handling of Ridgistorm-XL chambers when loading, off-loading and installing the products on-site.

  • RIDGISTORMSeparate Silt Traps

    Located upstream of attenuation, retention and soakaway systems, Silt Traps isolate silt and other particles by encouraging settlement in their base and buckets, preventing ingress into sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

  • RIDGISTORMSeparate Catchpits

    Our purpose-built high density polyethylene (HDPE) pre-fabricated catchpits are ideal for stormwater and land drainage systems, separating silt and other particles from a drainage system.


  • RIDGISTORMSeparate Filter Chambers

    Our pre-fabricated RIDGISTORMSeparate Filter Chambers incorporate a Permavoid unit wrapped in a high quality extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE) 2mm mesh to capture silt and debris.



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RIDGISTORMSeparate Silt Traps Datasheet

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RIDGISTORMSeparate Filter Chambers Datasheet

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RIDGISTORMSeparate Catchpits Datasheet

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