Ridgisewer 400-600mm Adoptable Sewerage Pipes

Ridgisewer is manufactured from polypropylene and features four sizes from 400-600mm and includes a complete system of couplings, seals, bends, junctions, specialist fabrications and saddles. Ridgisewer is manufactured in accordance with BSI Kitemark Licence number KM636505 to WIS 4-35-01 v2,  and is fully compliant with BS EN 13476-1.


Features & Benefits


  • Fully compliant with BS EN 13476-1 & WIS 4-35-01 v2
  • BSI Kitemark & BBA approved
  • Adoptable by water companies
  • Manufactured to stiffness classification 8
  • Lighter in weight for increased Health and Safety benefits
  • Durable, long life polypropylene
  • Structured wall pipe for high ring stiffness and strength
  • Integral sockets for quicker installation and greater leak tightness
  • Strong, flexible pipe wall withstands ground movement and differential settlement
  • Chemical, impact and abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to sulphate attack and corrosion by sewer gas
  • Saddle connectors are available
  • Meets WRc Code of Practice for high pressure water jetting tolerance





















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Ridgisewer Datasheet

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Sewer Saddles Datasheet

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Civils and Infrastructure Product Guide

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Ridgisewer BBA Certificate

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