Rainbows Hospice, why we support them

Wednesday 19th December 2018

For the past five years, Polypipe Civils have worked closely with Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, our chosen charity of choice. From dressing down every Friday for a pound, to cake sales and office Bingo – it’s been a massive part of our culture to keep supporting Rainbows in any way we can.


Every year since 2012, we’ve made it a tradition to visit the hospice, gifting a large hamper of crafts for the children.


This year was no exception, however it’s not all about Christmas, we also want to do more in 2019, raising more awareness, money and supporting them all year round. 


Through a range of internal and external company fundraising events, Polypipe has raised over £33,000 for Rainbows since 2013.


Why we support Rainbows: Mini interview with Lisa Hamnett who visited Rainbows to hand over the hamper: 


What does it mean for you to raise money for charity at work?      


It’s a huge pride to be honest, I think every company should support some charity, you don’t need to put a lot in but the little that you do makes a big difference to someone else


Why is Rainbows an important charity?


To know that the care, support and love they put into all they do is just through donations is amazing and outstanding, they work wonders to make the patients’ life as wonderful as they can be.


Tell us about your visit?


One word... emotional, walking around just realising what we take for granted on a daily basis, it’s very much an eye opening and makes you realise how lucky we are.


How else can we help the charity?


I think we should have a “spare change” jar in the office, anyone that has those 1p’s, 2p’s laying around in the bottom of their bag, or floating around in the draw, pop it in there. It would soon add up! Also do something monthly, just little things to keep adding to the great charity work we already do. That would certainly help raise more money.


What’s the facilities like at Rainbows?


Amazing, they have thought of everything for every child/ young adult, from the different rooms (music, soft play, sensory, outdoor music area), to the “chill out” room that they have for young adults which provide video games, and beer in the fridge so that they can lead a “normal” life, with the conditions they have.


They also have four flats on the top floor for families that want to stay with their child when their conditions get worse, the families don’t pay anything when they’re there, the charity want to make it as stress-free as possible.

The people that work there are worth their weight in gold! They’re truly angels in disguise.


Rosie Cheetham, Marketing Manager at Polypipe Civils, said: “We at Polypipe Civils are incredibly proud to have continued supporting Rainbows with our charitable work in 2018. Having visited the hospice a couple of times we have been touched and moved by the tremendous work they do for the local community, offering respite, care and cherished memories to both the children and their families. We are pleased to be supporting such a worthy charity and will continue to do so in 2019.”


Emily Wright, Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser at Rainbows Hospice, said: "‘A huge thank you to everyone at Polypipe who was involved in either raising funds for us this year, or in creating the incredible arts and crafts hamper that our children and young people will love using in their play sessions! Everyone at Rainbows truly appreciates your continued support, so thank you again for helping us to be there for the families across the East Midlands who need us most."


Polypipe’s charity work extended elsewhere in summer as they took to the roads to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK in the annual Keyline Rally.


To keep up with Polypipe’s fundraising efforts visit www.polypipe.com


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