A Polypipe Civils, day in the life of Rosie Cheetham

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Rosie Cheetham is Polypipe Civils, Marketing Manager, she's a proud mum to two girls, someone who loves the sun and is relatively new to Civils who's wants to set us apart and make us stand out! Read how a typical working day looks for her...


What time do you wake up?


The alarm first goes off at 6am but I don’t usually manage to get out of bed til 6.30am. Especially now the mornings are still dark.


What do you usually eat for breakfast?


Toast or cereal.


When you get to work, what do you do first?


Get a cup of tea, catch up with my Digital Marketing Executive, Chloe and go through the new emails that have come in.


Describe your main roles?


Managing the creation of marketing materials and assets to help support the Sales team, enhance the brand and reputation of the company. Planning communication with our external and internal customers and working with our various agency partners to ensure we are on top of the workload for the advertising campaigns and website updates that we are running.


Name a key achievement you’ve had since working at Polypipe?


I was very proud of the InfraGreen Conference that we organised in June this year. We had 11 guest industry speakers and they all agreed to speak without a fee involved. The calibre of the guest speakers, the new digital channels that we utilised to promote the event, and the quality of all the collateral we produced really helped impress the 150 attendees.


What’s your worst work habit?


 I write notes in every meeting and then find that I have paper all over my desk!


What is your favourite Friday afternoon job?


 I like to try and clear down my inbox to a manageable number and set a few targets for the week ahead.


When a typical day ends, what do you do?


Dash to collect my girls from afterschool club and ferry them around to whichever class they have!

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