A Polypipe Civils, day in the life of Josh McMeckan

Friday 9th November 2018


Josh is our Ridgistorm-XL Project Scheduler who manages the delivery of all of our Ridgistorm-XL products. A day in the life consists of planning, learning and keeping on top of work by not procrastinating! In his spare time he likes to cook, read and look after his pets. The leadership development programme at Polypipe got him to where he is today, but take a look below at a typical day in his life...


What time do you wake up?


I try to wake up at half 5 every day. I’ll start my day with a cup of coffee, get ready for work, walk my dog and clean out my rabbit.


What do you usually eat for breakfast?


If I get a chance to have breakfast, I’ll eat scrambled eggs, but most of the time I just drink coffee.



When you start work, what do you do first?


Call Satnam, our production planning manager, to check up on the previous day’s production.


Describe your main roles?


I schedule in the manufacturing of all our bespoke Ridgistorm-XL projects and issue delivery schedules to the contractors. I also schedule all the on-site services, like any on-site welding and any courtesy visits.


How do you keep organised?


Best advice for keeping on top of work – don’t procrastinate and ensure you give every task the attention in needs.


Name a key achievement you’ve had since working at Polypipe?


Completing my HND – Higher National Diploma in business and management, at Derby University this year. It was hard to study and work, but it’s vital to make time for your studies in order to improve your work.


What’s your worst habit at work?


Rushing in to making decisions without having all the information.


What is your favourite Friday afternoon job?


I don’t think differently from a Monday to a Friday – my days are mostly the same all week.


When a typical day ends, what do you do?


I get home, walk my dog, cook a nice dinner for me and my girlfriend, my speciality dish is roast beef, but we only eat that on Sundays, my mid-week go to us pesto pasta with chicken and bacon. Then I’ll either read a book or watch TV.

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