A Polypipe Civils, day in the life of Hollie White

Monday 8th October 2018

Hollie White is Polypipe Civils, Commercial Manager, she's a mother to one, a manager to many and has been at Polypipe since school! Read how a typical working day looks for her...


What time do you wake up?

6am – I go out for a walk most mornings before work.


What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Porridge or toast.


When you get to work, what do you do first?

Make a drink and check through my emails.


Describe your main roles?

Managing the Commercial Team and direct to site price management.


Name a key achievement you’ve had since working at Polypipe?

Working my way up to Commercial Manager from Office Junior – I came to Polypipe at 16 straight out of school!


What’s your worst work habit?

Going to the sandwich van for chocolate.


What is your favourite Friday afternoon job?

Tidying the office ready for a fresh start on Monday.


When a typical day ends, what do you do?

Go and pick my little boy up from after school club and spend a few quality hours with him before bedtime.

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