New Chambers: Polystorm Catchpit and Qpit Type 8 Catchpit

Monday 17th December 2018

This December we’ve launched two brand new catchpits to add to our Polystorm range.


Welcoming our new Catchpits


Our research and development, product management, manufacturing and sales teams have worked together to discover how we can offer smaller catchpits quickly and easily for our customers to order and install.


Our new 600mm catchpits are off-the-shelf, held in stock, and ready for when you need them.


Our two new catchpits, everything you need to know


The Polystorm Catchpit is designed to be installed upstream of a Polystorm attenuation, infiltration or retention tank. It is an effective way of preventing silt and debris from entering the Polystorm tank, helping to reduce tank maintenance activities. This is by capturing silt and debris within the catchpit sump. An optional reduced access cap is also available for increased health and safety benefits.


The Qpit Type 8 Catchpit is designed for use in highways applications in conjunction with Ridgidrain pipework. Captured water from the road surface will enter a gully, before being carried to the Qpit Type 8 Catchpit using our Ridgidrain surface water drainage pipes, where the silt and debris can be captured within the catchpit sump, minimising the volume entering the downstream drainage system. 


Available sizes       


Our new catchpits are 600mm in diameter, 1.5m high and contain a 300mm sump. We have three inlet/outlet sizes available which are 150mm, 225mm and 300mm. Each catchpit is supplied with pre-installed watertight endcaps which can be removed depending on the layout of the drainage system.


Health and Safety benefits


Because our new catchpits are smaller in size, they’re lighter in weight. This means that they are easier to handle on site – speeding up the installation time and reducing the need for heavy plant/machinery.


The benefits of an off the shelf catchpit vs a bespoke catchpit


Our new Polystorm and Qpit Type 8 catchpits are ‘off-the-shelf’ standardised products. They can be easily linked to our Ridgidrain or Polystorm systems. These products are kept in stock and don’t need to be made to order, reducing delivery lead times.


For sizes 750-3000mm we offer made to order catchpits and chambers which can be used in conjunction with both Ridgidrain, Polysewer, Ridgisewer and Ridgistorm-XL piping systems. These however, are specially value-engineered for you project, so will ultimately take a little longer to be manufactured and delivered for installation.  


How to get your hands on them…


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for more info and to place an order! Call us on +44 (0)1509 615100 or check out the website pages here:


The Polystorm Catchpit

The Qpit Type 8 Catchpit

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