Pressure Systems

Effast Pressure Systems for Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Modern, plastic pressure systems are a light weight and durable alternative to pressure systems made from traditional materials and offer equivalent life cycles. Plastic systems have a wide range of benefits over traditional materials.


Because Effast Pressure Systems are made from a range of materials you will find one to suit your particular application.

Each material has a different temperature range that it works to and there are different jointing techniques available. We can advise which would be the right one for your industrial or commercial building.


Where applicable our Effast Pressure Systems carry the WRAS approval and the relevant BSI Kitemark:


WRAS Approval Effast Solvents
WRAS Approval Effast ABS


  • The Benefits of Plastics

    Why use plastic above ground plumbing? Plastic plumbing components offer a wide range of advantages compared to traditional materials such as copper.

  • Speed and Ease of Installation

    To save time on-site, our water supply systems have been designed to be quick and easy to install. Pipes are easier to transport and handle as they’re made from lightweight polyethylene, whi