Progressive Case Study: Everything you need for a residential extension

Wednesday 6th March 2019

As part of our new Polypipe Building Products blog, we are introducing ‘Progressive Case Studies’.


We have numerous case studies related to housing on, but often, more than one product group relates to a particular project and this is something we aim to illustrate with Progressive Case Studies.


Each step of the build we will share insight from our Product Managers on their particular product category along with information on the various products used, meaning that the end result is one full Case Study for that project.


We hope that this is something that will prove useful and insightful to blog visitors in relation to their own projects in future.



Everything you need for a residential extension


Situated in Doncaster, this unassuming three bed semi-detached house was built to match the rest of the estate. But, having lived there for seven years, the owners decided to take the plunge and make the most of their oddly shaped corner plot, to turn their cut and paste house in to something more unique.


This included enlarging their box room to give three good sized double bedrooms and creating a large multi-purpose open living space to the rear of the property. To make this a reality meant creating a double extension to the side of the property and a single height extension to the rear.


Plot Drainage


The first product category we shall cover for this case study is below ground drainage. The drains were re-sited to accommodate the new footprint meaning relocation of two inspection chambers and accompanying pipework.


Here is a short video from our Below Ground Product Manager, Richard Eddy, explaining the process.



Cavity Closers


The second product category we shall cover for this case study is Polypipe TDI. 


Here is a short video from former National Development Manager for Polypipe TDI Mark Devanney, talking about installation of WCMULTICOR150.



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